Univ.-Prof. Dr. Dagmar Bancher

Gynecology for children and adolescents

Sometimes a gynecologist may need to be consulted even in infancy or childhood.

Such a consultation may be due to recurrent vaginal discharge, itching, labial fusion or lower abdominal pain.

This is not just a matter for little girls, but also for their mothers, who are understandably quite concerned, worried and anxious for them.

I spend plenty of time with children to build their confidence and then examine them in a good-natured way. I design the screening to be painless, so the girl is neither physically nor emotionally hurt. Every child should leave smiling, proud and with no trauma about ever entering my office again!

My many years of service at the Gynecology University Clinic in Vienna have enabled me in this specialized area to acquire a lot of experience, knowledge and familiarity with the different clinical pictures in infants and adolescents.

Girls should come to my medical office anytime they have the following problems/questions/requests:

• Unpleasant discharges or vaginal itching

• Lower abdominal pain

• Menstrual bleeding that is too strong, long or frequent

• Suspected hormonal imbalances

• Suspected developmental disorders or anomalies

• When she hasn’t menstruated before her 16th birthday

• Questions about sexuality

• Learning about HPV and possible HPV vaccination

• Information about contraception and prescribing a suitable contraceptive

Even among young people, my top priority is to build confidence over time and with patience, respecting their privacy, while making their first appointment with a gynecologist as enjoyable as possible and to let them leave with a positive experience.

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